Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Job Descriptions – Overview

The following are the Job Descriptions for the various railroads on the layout. ‘YARD’ signifies a job that will last for the full operating session and ‘POOL’ means a job that an operator signs up for that lasts only far a part of the session. In most cases an operator assigned to the ‘POOL’ will have 3 to 4 jobs during a session. In rating the jobs **** indicates the most difficult jobs and * indicates the easiest jobs.


**** When we have a full crew, 15 operators, one of the positions is the Dispatcher. As Dispatcher you write Train Orders for all Freight/Extra trains running over Sierra trackage. The engineer receives the original Train Order and the Dispatcher retains a copy until the original is return upon receipt of a new Train Order. The Train Orders give each train clearance to run between two points on the railroad subject to the Timetable and other considerations provided by the Dispatcher. Meets are set between freights to help expedite the movement of the trains over the railroad. Small Walkie Talkies are used for communication between the trains and the Dispatcher. Each train OSs from each siding or town so the Dispatcher can track the progress of each train on the Dispatch Board. True to the tradition of the Sierra this process is very low key and relaxed. Hey if the trains finishes it run on the same day it started its run it has been a very good day.

Sierra Railroad Logo

Sierra Railroad Logo


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