Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA



**Hetch Hetchy Freights and HH Jct – this quasi Yard job lasts until early afternoon and then the operator is available for other Pool Jobs. You bring in two HH Frts from Groveland (pre-staged). The first is the HH Rock train that brings down empty Rock Cars to be picked up by the Sierra Rock Train. Shortly after the arrival of the HH Rock train the HH Frt arrives with a cut of cars to be picked up by the Sierra Frts. As you are setting out these cars you also set out any cars from the two local industries that will be picked up by the Sierra Frts. Your work is complicated by the Sierra Passenger trains that run through the Junction and the 4 Sierra Frts plus two Sierra Rock trains. There are also times you will have a Sierra Helper engine at the Junction either running light down to Cooperstown or part of one of the trains running up from Cooperstown. On many occasions the Sierra Frts will have a meet at the Jct which will mean extra work for you to clear the Sierra Siding of cars. In addition you must remember to turn both the HH locomotives prior to their return trip to Groveland. Usually the eastbound HH Frt is the first train back to Groveland. The Frt will leave as soon as the morning Sierra Frts (# 5 and #6) have made their run through the Jct. The eastbound freight train is made up of cars dropped off by the morning Sierra Frts for Groveland plus cars from the Sierra Siding per the Waybills. Once the eastbound Sierra Rock Train has dropped off its loaded Rock Cars you can make up the eastbound HH Rock train. Before departing for Groveland you make sure all the local moves have been made. Any cars for the local industries dropped off by the afternoon Sierra Frts will be spotted by the Sierra crews. To help keep track of the cars a Switch List is provided for all 4 HH trains plus a end of day car location report is provided so you can verify all the cars are where they belong at Hetch Hetchy Junction.

* Hetch Hetchy Passenger Train or Goose by any other name – You run from HH Jct to Jamestown and then out to Melones. After a couple of hours layover you make the return trip to HH Jct. You will need Train Orders when running on the Sierra mainline between the Jct and Jamestown. The Railbus is staged in Groveland. You leave shortly after Noon. As you arrive at the Jct you need to pick your way through all the traffic plus turn on the Wye before heading out towards Jamestown. When you reach Melones you turn the Railbus on the turntable and return to the Melones depot.

After a couple hour layover you are ready to make the return trip to HH Jct. Once you arrive in Jamestown you get Train Orders before departing for the Jct. When you arrive back at the Jct you get to turn the Railbus on the Wye one more time before heading back up to Groveland.

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