Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA



***Fassler – Your day starts with making up a cut of cars for the Sierra Hill Job Extra West using the Pickering #4 , a two truck Heisler. These cars will come from the Planner, Box Factory and Plywood Mill. Once the cut is made up it’s time to set out the cars for Sierra Frt #9. Once both of these cuts of cars have been set out it’s time to make your first run up to Schoettgen Pass using Pickering #1, a three truck Heisler. You pick up the 8 empty log cars at Standard and head to Ralph over the Sierra tracks. At Ralph you leave the Sierra and head for Schoettgen Pass. At Schoettgen Pass you exchange your empties for the 8 loads that have just arrived from the Woods and return to the Mill at Fassler. Once back in Fassler you swap out the empties at the Log Pond and Dry Deck with the loads you just brought down from the Woods. The empties are set out at Standard until the afternoon when you make another run up to Schoettgen Pass.

As you are setting out and picking up log cars at the Mill you also set out the cars for Sierra Frt #10 – Hill Job. While all this work is being done you also need to be aware of the Sierra Passenger Trains running through Fassler to ensure they are not delayed.

In the afternoon you make another trip with the #1 out to Schoettgen with another 8 empties and return with 8 loads. Again the loads are spotted at the Log Pond and Dry Deck while the empties are pulled and set out at Standard.

After the arrival of Sierra Frt #10 you set out the cars it dropped off and complete any other local moves called for by the Waybills. Once all the local moves are completed you can call it a day.


*** Pickering Woods Train – Your train is made up of a Shay, up to 4 Frt cars, 8 loaded log cars, another Shay, 8 more loaded log cars and finally your caboose. You run down to Beardsley Flat were you set out 8 loaded log cards and up 2 Frt cars. As you leave Beardsley Flat your train has a Shay in the lead followed by up to 2 Frt cars, 4 loads of logs another Shay then another 4 loads and your caboose. You are now ready to make the run up the Peeled Onion of the Stanislaus River canyon and your meet with the Mill Train at Schoettgen Pass. At Schoettgen you dropped off your loads and with both Shays and your caboose run back down to Beardsley Flat to pick up the cars you left there. Beardsley Flat only has a spur but with your Shays you make quick work of making up the next section of the Woods train. Once made up you are off and running towards Schoettgen Pass again. This time after dropping off the loads you will wait for the second Mill Train to arrive with another 8 empties. Once the Mill Train picks up the loads you just brought in you make up your train of empties. Just like in the morning your train has a Shay in the lead then up to 4 Frt cars, 8 empties the second Shay another 8 empties and your caboose. The Shays are split up this way so both of them are not on Chinaman Creek Trestle at the same time. The trestle is just east of Beardsley Flat.

* Pickering Passenger Train or a Goose by any other name – The Rail Bus leaves Standard in the early afternoon for a run out to the Woods. You will need Train Orders between Standard and Ralph. Once on the Pickering mainline you are on your own. Once you reach the end of the line you turn the Goose by the 0-5-0 method and you are ready for the return trip to Standard. At Schoettgen Pass you meet the Woods train prior to its run back to the Woods with its 16 empties. Before leaving Ralph you call in to get orders prior to running down to Standard on the Sierra mainline.

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