Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA


Currently there are no WSLCo specific jobs. The Tuolumne Yard job uses a WSLCo loco to make up the Sierra Frt #9 and for all the local work. The WSLCo mainline now only extends a short distance beyond River Bridge. If there are enough operators and some one is interested they can run a staged WSLCo logging train down to Tuolumne, turn the Shay on the Wye and then unload the log cars. Change locos and make a train of empties up for the return trip to the end of the line.

Eventually the WSLCo mainline will be extend over the River Bridge out to Camp 24 and its balloon track. Once the WSLCo mainline has been extended to  Camp 24  then the WSLCo operations will become integrated into the Operating Session. The Tuolumne Yard job will switch over to the WSLCo and the Yard operator will stay in Tuolumne to run the WSLCo logging train after making up the Sierra Frt #9. The time line for this to occur is at the earliest the fall of 2007 but most likely the summer of 2008.

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