Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA



This is the current Timetable for the layout. There have been a few minor changes for the Rock Trains and the Hill Job Extras that have not been updated on the Timetable. The Sierra Passenger trains run under the Timetable and all the freights run as extras. As extras the freights run when they are made up and the crew is called by the respective Yardmaster (the times on the Timetable are estimated departure times). The freights must be in the clear for all the Passenger trains per the Timetable.

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Sierra Historical & Modeling Seminar

The Sierra Seminar is normally held the 3rd weekend in April, the Sunday after the West Side Loggers Convention, in Sonora, CA. For information on this year's Seminar please visit the Tuolumne Historical Railroad Association website.

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