Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Oakdale to Cooperstown


The west end of the Sierra Yard in Oakdale. The ATSF Riverbank branch enters the Yard directly behind the Baldwin S-12s. The SP Eastside Branch from Merced enters from behind the building that has the green box car in front of it. The cars near the edge of the layout are sitting on one of two SP Interchange Tracks. The AT&SF Wye that was used by the Sierra to turn their locos is center left of the photo.


The middle of the Sierra Yard. The string of cars are sitting on the AT&SF Interchange track. Above Oakdale is Jamestown. On the fascia are the Waybills and Switch List for the Sierra Yard Operator. The Sierra Yard job is a sit down job – nice.


The east end of the Sierra Yard. The industries behind the yard have been added to increase operations


The mainline behind Rawlings Furniture is heading east to Paulsell and the Atlas Orange Blossom Branch (12-09)

January 2011 – An overall view of the Paulsell area showing the new lighting in this area. Compare this photo to those below for the improved lighting and the painted backdrops.


The west end of Atlas Rock. (12-09)


The east end of Atlas Rock. Loaded Blackjack Hoppers leave here for HH Jct for the Dam Project and other points east where the rock was used for road maintenance. (12-09)


The west end of Paulsell. the building behind the reefer and the flat car is Jelito Produce in Paulsell. Jelito Produce is the proud grower of the World’s Largest Pumpkin. The branch down to Atlas Rock is the track closest to the fascia. The toggle switches are from the DC days and are no longer operational . At some point the existing fascia will receive another piece of 1/8 inch masonite which will cover up all the holes and etc. (12-09)


The east end of Paulsell. The first turnout in the lower right corner leads to Atlas Rock. The spur in the back is for Hince & Sons Grain and Cattle. The industry is named for one of our regular operators. (12-09)


The Sierra mainline looking back towards Paulsell (12-09)


Heading towards Warnerville. (12-09)


The west end of Warnerville. The building in front is Warnerville Grain. (12-09)


The center of Warnerville. The box car is spotted at Warnerville Freight. (12-09)

January 2011 – Compare this photo of Warnerville to the one below to see the changes made in the scenery.


The east end of Warnerville. In the middle of the picture is Warnerville Cattle. The tanks to the right of the cattle pen are used by the Weed Sprayer Train, an extra work train that is run when we have a full crew. At the top of the picture you can see the track running through the hole in the wall into the crew lounge . Once the scenery is in place you will not be able to see the track run through the wall.


The mainline east of Warnerville as it enters the Crew Lounge room. The stairs coming down into the basement can be seen at the right side of the picture.


The mainline heading towards Cooperstown and the trestle crossing Dry Creek.


Continuing towards Cooperstown which is on the extreme left side of the picture.

January 2011 – The west end of Cooperstown. The photos will be used to finish the scenery in and around the Cooperstown area.

January 2011 – The Cooperstown Wye, Station, Water and Fuel Tank, and the Cattle pens.  The backdrops in this area will be on the to do list in 2011.

January 2011 – The east end of Cooperstown. The mock up of the clay loading dock will be replaced with a Durango Press Loading Ramp.

January 2011- The Sierra mainline heading east from Cooperstown towards Hetch Hetchy.  Compare these four photos with those below to see the changes made in this area of the layout


The west end of Cooperstown. The three track arrangement is from the 1920’s. the tail track of the Wye can be seen in the corner behind the cattle pen. The Wye is used every session to turn the Sierra #38 has it comes down the hill from Jamestown. Also if the Rock Train requires an helper up to Hetch Hetch Jct (more than 9 Rock Hoppers) the helper from Jamestown turns on the Wye before helping the Rock Train up the canyon to the Junction.


The middle of Cooperstown. You can see the mock ups of the water tank and freight shed end of the depot.


The east end of Cooperstown. The Gon is sitting on the Clay Spur. On the prototype spur was a facing point turnout off the mainline for westbound trains. It’s a trailing point turnout coming off the siding on the layout. The reason for this can be seen on the left edge of the photo, the lift out sections  for access to the back door which leads outside.


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