Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Hetch Hetchy Railroad


The Sierra mainline and siding at Hetch Hetchy Jct. Behind the building is the Hetch Hetchy mainline and wye as it enters the Junction from the Groveland staging track.


The east end of the Hetch Hetchy yard at the Junction. The Sierra main is the track on the extreme right, the cut of cars is sitting on the Sierra siding. These cars will be picked up by the Hetch Hetchy freight in a coming op session. The SP box is sitting on the Maintenance track and will be shipped out on the Sierra.


The Hetch Hetchy staging track at Groveland. The Shay #6 and its Rock Train will be the first train into the Junction. Its bringing empty rock hoppers down from the dam expansion site. The empties will be picked up by Sierra Rock train with most of the empties going down to Atlas Rock to get re-loaded. The Rail Bus (aka as a Goose) is the Hetch Hetchy passenger train. It will run to Jamestown and then out to Melones in the early afternoon and then back to Groveland later in the afternoon. The track in front is the Sierra mainline between HH Jct and Keystone. The HH staging track will eventually be hidden by a scenery block.


The Hetch Hetchy freight just around the corner form the Shay and its Rock Train. It will deliver these cars to the Junction and they will be picked up by either Sierra Frt #5 or #6. It will then pick up cars off the interchange track and any cars dropped off at the Junction by Frt #5 or #6.


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