Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Op Session Photos

The following photos were taken by Steve Williams during the Op Session held on the 4th weekend in June, 2007.


Seth Neuman, the Sierra Yard Operator making up a cut of cars that will be picked up by the ATSF Riverbank Turn and returned to Riverbank Staging. Seth is checking the switch list to be sure he has all cars for Riverbank.


Sierra Frt #6 , Oakdale to Jamestown, working its way up the canyon between Cooperstown and HH Jct. The train is being powered by Sierra #42 and 40, the Baldwin S-12 diesels in their original red and yellow paint scheme. The ‘scenery’ is unfinished hardshell.


On the left Ed Zeis is looking over a cut of cars on the siding at Hetch Hetchy Jct. While on the right Frt #6 continues on its way to the Junction. Behind Ed on the upper deck is Ralph where the Pickering logging line takes off from the Sierra to head off to Schoettgen Pass.


Sierra #38 , the afternoon eastbound freight from Oakdale, doubling the canyon between Cooperstown and HH Jct.


The Sierra #38 running light back towards Cooperstown to pick up the second half of Frt #8.


The Sierra #38 ready to couple up with the second half of Frt #8. Once coupled the #38 will take this cut of cars up to the Junction where it put its train back together before heading east towards Jamestown. John Blunden is taking a break in the Crew Lounge between jobs.


Les Gregory, the Jamestown Yard Master using the #24 as a Yard switcher as he does some local switching in front of the Jamestown Freight House.


It looks like the afternoon Melones freight is ready to depart for Jamestown. That’s me in the background as the Dispatcher talking to one of the crews on the walkie talkie. The walkie talkies are used as phones and are located at key locations around the layout.


Cory Swank, the engineer of the Hill Job #9, pulling a car from an industry in Sonora so it can be added to the train. The locomotive is the #36. The car will be set out on the siding so the train can run around the car.It will then be cut into the train before the train leaves Sonora on its way to Jamestown.


Pat LaTorres , the Fassler Yard Master, checking his waybills and paper work to see what moves need to be made next.


Pat Watkins, the Pickering Log Train operator, setting out some of the loads that his train brought in from Soap Creek. Schoettgen Pass is where the loads from the wood are transferred to the Mill train which will take the loads down to the mill at Fassler.


Dave Parks, the eastbound SP Peddler operator, at Meinke Jct checking his waybills to see which cars he’ll drop off and spot at Meinke Jct and which cars need to be picked up and added to his train prior to heading to Oakdale. The next deck up is the mill at Chinese on the Sierra mainline.


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