Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Pickering Prototype Photos


Pickering #1, a three truck Heisler, backing down towards Ralph with a train of loads. Photo taken on November 5, 1956 by D. Richter. The #1 had taken a train of empties up to Schoettgen Pass and exchanged the empties for the loads that the Woods train had brought in from Soap Creek.


Pickering Lumber Corp #33, 3 truck shay, running over the Hwy 108 overpass at the east end of Twain Harte in 1963. Photo by R.Field. It appears that the #33 is backing down westbound towards Ralph. You can see one car in front of the locomotive. The overpass is still there but Hwy 108 now bypasses Twain Harte. It was this bypass that cut the railroad in half and brought the end of the logging railroad. The road in the photo is now Twain Harte Drive and meets Hwy 108 just on the far side of the over pass.


The Pickering engine house on February 22, 1953. Photo by J C Hammond from the J Blain Collection. I believe the Sierra mainline is the track that runs between the locomotives and just to the right of the traveling crane support structure.


A great color photo showing the colors of the Pickering diesels. The photo I’m guessing was taken in the late 50’s shortly after the diesels arrived. Photographer unknown.


Pickering #11 heading across the Tunnel Creek Trestle west of the Peeled Onion on its way to Schoettgen Pass.  At Schoettgen Pass the loads would be exchanged for empties for the return trip back out to the woods. Original photo by Stan Kistler, 1958.


The Peeled Onion, looking east into the Stanislaus River canyon.


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