Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Sierra Locomotives

Sierra 38, Oakdale - November 1954
Sierra #38, Oakdale Santa Fe Depot. Nov 1954. Photo by Guy Dunscomb


Sierra #38 in Oakdale, 3-10-55. Photo by Guy Dunscomb. Notice the ‘Woodchip’ car behind the tender, it only has a two board extension.


Sierra #38 heading west towards Warnerville just after being turned on the Cooperstown Wye, 02-19-55. Photo by Glenn Beier


Sierra #42 in the Keystone area, May 1958, photographer unknown. Notice the stripes on the side sill are still there.


Sierra #40 and #42 at Oakdale, 1960, photographer unknown. Notice the stripes on the side sill are gone.


Sierra #36 and #34 at Cooperstown, Oct 1952, photo from the Ken Meeker Collection. No that is not me in front of the #36, I’m not that old, close though.


Sierra #24 near Chinese in 1948 , photo from the Ken Meeker Collection.


A classic side view of the Sierra #28 in front of the Jamestown Roundhouse. Photo taken in 1940’s and is from the Ken Meeker Collection.


The Sierra #18 taking on some new sand and maybe some water as well. Photo taken by Guy Dunscomb on February 2, 1949. Notice the structure to the left of the water tank, it’s part of the fuel bunker that was used in the earlier part of the century.


Sierra #30 from the Mallory Hope Ferrell collection. Date and location unknown. My guess is the picture was taken in Jamestown.


Sierra #32 from the Mallory Hope Collection. Date and location unknown, no guesses this time.

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