Sierra Railroad 1955

Modeling the Sierra Railroad in Twain Harte, CA

Prototype Track Drawings

The following track diagrams/drawings are from various sources, where known credit will be given.  The diagrams start in Oakdale and  follow the Sierra Railroad east towards Tuolumne.  I realize that most of the diagrams below are in poor condition and hard to read.  Click on the links below to see the image.

Oakdale (size 26KB)

This map of  Oakdale was prepared by W H Newell and is dated 8-12-1912. Even on the original copy the the writing is almost impossible to read.  North is straight up.

Oakdale.1 by Rick Mugele (size 35.8KB)

This track drawing by Rick Mugele is a more complete diagram of the track in Oakdale in the mid 1920’s.

Arnold (size 9.97 KB)

Warnerville (size 26.2 KB)

Cooperstown (size 26.9 KB)

Hetch Hetchy Junction (size 37.8 KB)

This Drawing is from Ted Wurm’s book “Hetch Hetchy and Its Dam Railroad”

Chinese (size 42.2KB)

Jamestown (size 535 KB)

Sonora (size 420 KB)

Black Oak (size 84.9KB)

Ralph (size 102KB)

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Sierra Historical & Modeling Seminar

The Sierra Seminar is normally held the 3rd weekend in April, the Sunday after the West Side Loggers Convention, in Sonora, CA. For information on this year's Seminar please visit the Tuolumne Historical Railroad Association website.

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